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What is the RJK Bazaar?
        » The Bazaar is a system created for only one simple reason, just for fun. To break it down, each member of the Rise of Jedi Knights gets paid a certain amount of make believe credits (money) each week based on their rank. With those credits they can buy make believe items for sale on the Bazaar (Catalog page).

What do I do with the items?
        » Most items are solely for fun and display. Some do serve a purpose though. Special avatars for the comlinks can be purchased here along with pictures that can be displayed in your profile.

Im in more than one division, do I get paid more?
        » No, you don't. That would just be unfair to members who are not in as many divisions as you. Each pay day, you are paid based on the salary for your rank in your primary division. It's a good idea to set your primary division to the one you have the highest paying rank in :)

Can I get bonus/ special credits?
        » Yes, you can earn bonus credits in addition to your normal pay for winning events, or anything your commanders see worthy of a bonus. Also on a side note, you can receive a bonus in any division you're a member of; not only your primary division.

Do I have to sign up to use The Bazaar?
        » Any member of RJK is already signed up! All you have to do is login to your RJK account and you're all set to use The Bazaar.

I have an item I think should be added
        » We'll take suggestions for new items. All you have to do is come up with a picture, name, suggested price, and description and post it on the Bazaar Comlink for review by an admin.

When do we get paid?
        » Pay day is every Friday.

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