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Dark Skyes was founded on Jan 1 2006 and is currently a SWTOR guild focused primarily on endgame
raiding. However, our foremost goal in the game is to have fun, and we should all realize that there are
many things in life which take priority over a game. To that end we have an open door policy. Anyone who
wishes to Join us, can do so. With an open door comes an open mind, if you have a suggestion or idea that you think
would better the guild do not hesitate to share it. To outline our shared principles and goals we have drafted this charter.
In order to Join us all you must do first read and agree to the terms of this document. If at any time you no longer wish
to be a part of Dark Skyes we simply ask that you notify the Emperor or the Executive Officer before
leaving so that we may retire you from our active roster.

Our goal in this game is to have fun. We think it is of utmost importance to keep in mind that this is just a
game. It is our hope that everyone realizes we should make real life our priority, and that a game should
come second. Once everything is in order and it’s time to relax, we all come here to have fun. We should all
push ourselves to be the best we can, but within reason. We don’t expect members to spend so much time
farming consumables and working on new content that it affects our lives.

Dark Skyes has Ten ranks. Three are officer ranks, Five are membership ranks, one is limited membership
rank, and one is reserved for the Emperor.

The Emperor is responsible for all major policy and discipline decisions. The Emperor holds full
authority over all members and has the power to make or overrule any decision.

Dark Council:
Guild Executive Officer. Responsible for day to day leadership of the guild , for overseeing the Raid leader
and other officers. The Executive officer has full authority in all guild matters and is answerable only to the

Sith Lord:
Raid Leaders who are responsible for organizing Raids, hard modes, and PvP exercises.
The Raid leader has total authority during the raid, and may make any decision with regards to the raid. The
Raid leader is answerable only to the Emperor and the Executive officer. There may be more than one
Raid leader at a time but it is rare.

Company level officers on the site responsible for assisting assisting the Raid leaders in support of their

Field Operative:
Highest NCO Rank. Typically reserved for active and retired endgame team members.

Highest rank that can be attained based only on time served. Typically assigned to Officer and endgame team alts.

Sith Adept:
Longtime member who is active both on the site and in game. Raid team alternates and those applying for
raid slots are typically assigned this rank.

Sith Acolyte:
Long term or returning members who have demonstrated their dedication to the guild.

Sith Minion:
New members who have completed the site membership and signed this charter. Once you have attained
this rank you may issue guild invites to your friends and receive access to all guild amenities.

Sith Initiate:
Trial membership rank to see if you have what it takes tp be a part of Dark Skyes. To be promoted beyond
this rank you must Join the site and agree to the guild charter. Has limited access to the guild amenities.

The goal of any initiate should be to achieve full membership. Achieving full membership is an easy goal.
First you must Make an account on the website and Fill out your Player Info Page.
Next you should make a new post telling everyone that you have done so.
An initiate can be removed at any time, and is eligible to be promoted to member only after they have met
these requirements.

Both members and initiates are eligible to have multiple characters in the guild. Alts are alternate
characters, which receive secondary attention and dedication. You are allowed to have as many
characters as you play in the guild. However, characters that are not frequently played will be removed
after one month offline.

One of our guiding principles has always been that we accept anyone who wishes to Join.
Our guild is not static. People come and go, and our priorities change. We recruit players based on these
needs. At times our need for certain classes is greater than others. It’s human nature to have a shifting
schedule, and there are times when due to holidays or other reasons we’ll just find ourselves lacking a
certain element we need. If this deficit continues, we look to recruit people to fill our needs. Also, we keep
our eyes open for dedicated players even if there is no immediate need. Upon request, a player will be
given an invite to the guild. We feel the best way to get players involved is access to guild chat and the
opportunity to group with us. Members of the rank of Sith Minion or higher may invite new recruits to Join the
guild. You are all encouraged to recruit new members and help the guild grow. If and when you recruit a
new member they will Join the guild as a Sith Initiate. Once they have joined whomever recruited them
should send a mail message to the Executive officer notifying them of the new member. If you recruit
someone encourage them to register and post on the comlinks for their first promotion. Anyone who has
not done so within 14 days of being recruited will be removed from the guild.

Advancement is at the discretion of the Emperor and Executive Officer and based on officer
recommendations. This is a subject under continual monitoring. Feel free to discuss your current rank and
any changes you wish to see with an officer, however constant nagging will not help you progress.
Personality and fit within the guild are also strongly considered.

Once membership is obtained, members will not be removed for skill or attendance reasons. Initiates can
be removed for any reason, usually for failing to meet the criteria required for membership. Anyone at any
rank will be removed for misconduct. Our goal is to have fun, and progress as fast as we are able to. This
does not mean we accept any cheating or exploits. Anyone, of any rank, who uses cheats, hacks, exploits,
or leveling services will be warned or removed based on the severity. Also, generally rude or unacceptable
behavior can be cause for removal. Remember that your actions reflect on the guild as a whole. Do not
publicly discuss internal guild matters, or the personal lives of our membership outside the appropriate
guild channels. Publicly slandering the guild or harassing a fellow member can be grounds for immediate
removal depending on the severity of the infraction. If you have a dispute with a fellow member for any
reason please try to work it out privately. If that is not possible then you and your guildmate should speak
with your officers in order to resolve the situation in a mature and civil manner.

Invitations to raids are issued by the raid leaders or their lieutenants. They are generally done to ensure
that we have an optimal group that gives us the best chance of accomplishing our goals for the evening.
The Raid leader has total authority during the raid, and may make any decision with regards to the raid
composition and tactics. The Raid leader is answerable only to the Emperor and the Executive officer.

Raid Times are at the discretion of the Raid leader. Officers may organize additional raids if they wish but
should coordinate with the raid leader in order to manage lockouts.

Master looting is always enabled and loot is typically allocated to those most in need of it. If the piece is
one you can use, you get it. If more than one player can use it then they roll for it and the Raid leader
assigns it to the winner. We always strive to be fair and ensure that everyone gets something for their time and effort
regardless of guild affiliation. To that end the Raid Leader has the authority to reserve or assign loot without rolling.

Guild Officers should be available both in game and in Mumble whenever possible. Our objective is to have
fun, so be considerate of your fellow guildmates and let us know if you can't make it to an event.

Sign the Charter

Darth Famine
Commander in Chief
Rise of the Jedi Knights

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